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The Latest from Lodge 572...

Lodge 572 Member Chosen as Illinois Elk Of The Year

After being chosen as Elk of the Year for our Lodge and for the South District, Lodge member Rick Ehlers was awarded Illinois Elk of the Year on May 20th during the State Convention banquet.IL Elk of the Year Rick Ehlers

Lodge 572 Received Awards At State Convention

During the Illinois Elks State Convention in Springfield, May 19-21, Lodge 572 received the following awards from the Illinois Elks Children's Care Corporation (CCC):

  • 1st place in the South District for per-capita contributions
  • 1st place in the South District for gross contributions
  • 1st place in the state for gross contributions

This is the 4th consecutive year our Lodge has been the top contributor in the state to CCC and the 18th consecutive year we have been one of the top three contributors in the state. Thank you to all members and volunteers that made this possible.

Lodge 572 Welcomes Thirteen New Members

On May 17th, Lodge 572 initiated 13 new members into the Order. Please make sure to introduce yourself and make them feel welcome when you see them in the Lodge...more

Nut Sale Results

At the Murphysboro High School Senior Awards Night, held on May 9th, the hard work of our members, who sold and/or purchased selections from our Holiday Nut Sales campaign, came to a conclusion with the awarding of our own $600.00 Scholarship . This year's recipient is Sabian McElRoy, who plans to attend Full Sail University, in Winter Park, Florida. Sabian's intended major is Computer Science. Thank you, all Elks who helped out, and congratulations to our 2016 - 2017 winner!

Unpaid Members

As all Elks know, membership dues are in arrears on April 1 of each year. Therefore, as of June 1, our fellow members, as listed, have not yet submitted their dues payment ($66.25 Regular and $29.25 Life). Please do so, as soon as possible! You should still have your original billing notice and return slip & envelope, as sent in February, (Contact E. R. or Lodge Secretary for extenuating circumstances.) Finally, be advised that Club Room Privileges of Delinquent Members will be suspended on July 1.

Michael Adams, Dr. Rebecca Atkinson, Shea Baker, Jesse Barge, Randall Beckman, Casey Bloodworth, Robert Bolinski, Amanda Burton, Blake Canning, Jennifer Canning, James Carlock, Paula Carson, Elizabeth Chaundy, Butch Cheatham, Patricia Clark, Chris Cochran, Dr. Edward Conrad, Thomas Cox, Jim Dallas, Marla Kay Dallas, Marty Davis, Cameron Donahue, Kellie Ellis, Janet Faulkner, Venita Freeman, Terry Gerlach, Alan Gordon, Todd Grissom, Thomas Guetersloh, Bianca Hadsock, Les Hall, Ted Harsha, John Hays III, Jerry Henry, Bradley Hill, Judy Holley, Jimmy Hoppenstedt, Benjamin Howard, Donald Hulick, Scott Imhoff, Stephen Jines, Don Johnson Jr., William Ray Jones, Donald Kidd, Richard Kiel, Gary King, Larry Klink, Robert Knope, James Knott, Gary Korando, Mary Korando, Dr. Thomas Kupferer, Stephen Lather, Michael Layne, Sharon Leggans, Gretchen Mager, Richard Mann, Ruth McColl, Justin Moniger, Carol Moore, Daryl Murphy, John Nichols, Monica Nippe, Jeremy Norman, Naomi O'Neal, Derek Pfeaster, Tina Phoenix, Jeremy Pierce, William J. Pittman, Kurt Presley, Ray Pritchett, Antonia Ragland, Ronald Reeder, Brad Rife, Neal Schemonia, Ronald Schemonia, Tim Schenk, Stanley Schneider, Jenny Schuler, Clarence Sherman, Patricia Shields, Jimmie Simmons, Mandy Sitton, Darrell Skeens, Randy Skoffic, Cynthia Smith, Travis Smith, Heather Spradling, Erin Sweeney, William Terry, John Tippy, John M. Tweedy, Scott Uffelman, Alvin Valdez, Herby Voss, Elizabeth Weber, Kathy Wills, Brian Winters, Jerry Worthen, Jason Wright, Paul Zemlyn, and Michele Zimbleman.

Members Awarded At Appreciation Dinner

On Wednesday, March 29th, a dinner was held to thank all those who donated their time, effort, and skills throughout the last Lodge year. Awards were presented to three members to recognize work that went above and beyond expectation:

Jackie Clover received an Outstanding Service Commendation Jackie Clover receives award
Larry Thetford received an Outstanding Service Commendation Larry Thetford receives award
Rick Ehlers was named Elk of the Year for our Lodge Rick Ehlers receives award

Membership Dues and Key Cards

Reminder: the new, PURPLE key cards are now required to operate the doors connected with the Club Room and for attendance at all Lodge, House, and Board of Directors meetings. Any member who has not paid their dues by now are considered "Delinquent". Please take care of this basic and important obligation of membership!