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The Latest from Lodge 572...

October Initiation Class

On October 4, Lodge 572 welcomed seven new members into our Order. When you see them in the lodge, be sure to introduce yourself and make them feel welcome...more

Barstool Purchase Campaign Continues

Several of our Members have responded and submitted their donation for a barstool following the announcement in our July Newsletter. The first order has been placed.  You can still purchase and donate a barstool for $150. This will also allow you to have an engraved plate attached, stating either "Donated by...", or "In Memory of..." These units will be Commercial Black Bucket Seats with White Stitching and Deluxe  Casino-Style Bases. They will be purchased from East Coast Chair & Barstool in Mercer, PA. It is hoped that we will have enough response to replace all barstools needed for the Bar, and/or the tall tables used in the Club Room. See Club Room Manager, Dianne, to place your order and indicate what name you want placed on the engraved plate. Let's get the Club Room updated, and perhaps a little more comfortable!

Scholarship Information

The ENF Legacy Scholarship Program will award some 250, 4-yr., $4,000 scholarships, nation-wide, to High School Seniors who are children & grandchildren of active Elk Members. Applications are all online, with deadline of Feb. 2, 2018. The Most Valuable Student (MVS) competition awards 500 scholarships, nation-wide, and is open to all High School Seniors who are U. S. citizens. High academic and leadership attainment is the basis for awards, along with some financial need consideration. Applications are also all online for the MVS, with a deadline of November 27, 2017. Go to for all the information you need on either program. Also, you can contact Lodge #572 Secretary; Scholarship Committee member, Don Siefert (618-201-4184); or possibly the High School Guidance Office for information.

Unpaid Members

As of September 1st, the following members have not paid their dues: Michael Adams, Dr. Rebecca Atkinson, Shea Baker, Amanda Burton, Paula Carson, Patricia Clark, Chris Cochran, Dr. Edward Conrad, Marty Davis, Cameron Donahue, Kellie Ellis, Janet Faulkner, Todd Grissom, Tom Guetersloh, Bianca Hadsock, Les Hall, Ted Harsha, Jerry Henry, Bradley Hill, Jimmy Hoppenstedt, Ben Howard, Scott Imhoff, Don Johnson, Jr., Richard Kiel, Gary King, Sharon Leggans, Justin Moniger, Daryl Murphy, John Nichols, Jeremy Norman, Jeremy Pierce, Kurt Presley, Brad Rife, Ronald Schemonia, Clarence Sherman, Jimmie Simmons, Mandy Sitton, Darrell Skeens, Randy Skoffic, Cynthia Smith, Travis Smith, Heather Spradling, Erin Sweeney, William Terry, Kathy Wills, Brian Winters, and Jason Wright.

If you are in this list, or know someone in this list, please contact the Lodge to take care of your dues. Please do not hesitate to contact the Lodge regarding any special circumstance or situation you are dealing with.

Sponsoring  A Candidate For Membership

Our State President, Dave Jurmu, has placed membership gain as a top priority this Elk year. At Lodge #572, let's get out there and work hard on obtaining new members! Once someone says "Yes, I want to become an Elk member," some paperwork and procedures need to be followed. Here are some things to remember: Only a current member, in good standing, can hand out an application. Obtain the application at the Lodge or from the Lodge Secretary. You need to fill in your name, member #, and requested information at the top of the front page and on the back page...then sign the application. Next, you should HELP your candidate fill out the rest of the application. Use "N/A" for items that do not apply. We do want current phone numbers and e-mail addresses, Two references are required - they must be current, paid-up members, and must be other than yourself. Candidates must sign & date the application. The Murphysboro Lodge #572 initiation fee, to accompany the application, is $35.00. Don't leave your candidate out there "alone" once the paperwork is turned in. Plan to accompany them to their Indoctrination session and to their Initiation, as per letters of invitation issued from Lodge Secretary.