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The Latest from Lodge 572...

Lodge 572 Initiates Seven New Members

On June 6th, our Lodge welcomed seven new members into the Order. Please be sure to make them feel welcome and introduce yourself when you see them...more

Lodge 572 Flag Team Opens Bocce Tournament

On Saturday, June 16th, our Lodge's Flag Team helped open this year's Lodge 572 Bocce Tournament in grand fashion. Our large American flag was displayed for the singing of the national anthem, which was performed by Lodge member John Guetersloh. Afterwards, the flag was folded as Lodge secretary Merle Evans read the meaning of each fold for all in attendance. This served as our Lodge's observance of Flag Day, a mandatory ceremony for all Elks Lodges.

Lodge 572 Sweeps Awards At State Meeting

At the recent State Meeting in Springfield, Lodge 572 received recognition for our continued effort to raise money to fund the work of the Illinois Elks Children's Care Corporation (CCC). We received first place for per capita and gross contributions for the South District, and first place for gross contributions for the state. Shown at right is Exalted Ruler Darcie Hastings holding two of the plaques awarded to our Lodge. ER Darcie Hastings with CCC plaques
Our Lodge was also recognized by the Illinois Elks Association as the Illinois Lodge of the Year for 2017-2018 and Exalted Ruler Debbie Sauer was recognized as Exalted Ruler of the year. Shown at right are the two plaques which will be displayed on our Lodge walls. Lodge and ER of year plaques
Lodge 572 member and past Exalted Ruler Steven Zak was selected as Illinois Elk of the Year. This is the third consecutive year a member of our Lodge has received this award. Steven Zak Elk of the Year

Are Your Dues Paid?

As all Elk Members know - the deadline for yearly membership dues is always April 1. Thereafter, you are considered delinquent if you have not paid your dues for 2018-2019! Grand Lodge Statutes then allow all local Lodges to exclude said delinquent members from Club Room privileges, Elk activities & events, and most certainly, all Elk meetings, as of the April 1 date. While the meeting exclusion has been in effect at #572, since April 1, be advised that enforcement of "Club Room Privileges" will be vigorously enforced, starting June 1!! This includes food and beverege purchase, event attendance, and all related. (Also, reminder that if you are on the CLMS delinquency list, May 1, you are not eligible for the Queen of Hearts, or any Raffle or Drawing, the the entire month of May....or entirety of any month, thereafter, if on CLMS delinquency list, the 1st day of that month.) While it is not the intention of Lodge Officers or Staff to embarrass a delinquent member seeking Club Privileges after June 1 - do expect to be reminded of the problem, and put on notice, therein! Think of it from the perspective of paid-up members - if delinquent, why should you enjoy benefits which their dues are underwriting?