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The Latest from Lodge 572...

March Newsletter & Calendar Available Online

The newsletter and calendar can be viewed and/or printed by using the navigation menu on the left.

March Madness

Come cheer on your favorite teams during the annual March Madness Tournament in the comfort of our Lodge. We are opening at 12 Noon on Sundays in March, for the pleasure of our Elk Hoop enthusiasts. As was true for the NFL football season, food will be provided by various members. Come join the fun.....maybe even sign up to bring in a food dish, on a given Sunday.

Helping Our Fellow Elks Lodges

Numerous Lodges here in the South District have stepped up to assist the state's newest Lodge, Johnson County #2880, in getting established and into a Lodge building. They have purchased an older building in Vienna and the renovation projects abound — including bringing in a new water supply system. We at Lodge #572 can help, and we are planning to do just that! On Sunday, March 24th we will hold a Rib Eye Steak Sandwich Meal at 1:00 p.m. in the Club Room. Cost is $10 per person. All proceeds will go to the Johnson County Elks. But, be advised — supply is be timely in your arrival!  If “Elks Care - Elks Share,” is true, this should certainly apply to helping a fellow Lodge getting going!!

Murder Mystery at 572

Who done it?? That question is to be answered on Saturday, March 30th! Come and find out at our Muder Mystery Party, starting at 6:30 p.m., in the Lodge Hall. Enjoy a Mardi Gras Theme Dinner, while keeping an eye on several "Suspects" who may have perpetrated the dastardly deed! Total cost of this fun evening and meal: Only $20 per person. Will you see you there?

New Lodge Year Begins April 1

Dues Notices will be arriving shortly, except for those members who have already paid in advance. Key cards for the coming year will be BLUE, and will match the membership cards. Our 3 Key Card Readers will be changed to operate with these cards, on April 1. Remember - a new, 2019 - 2020 Card is required for attendance at all Lodge, House, and Board of Directors' Meetings, starting this date. (Special Note - Due to awaiting a vote on changing the State dues assessment at the January IEA Meeting in Springfield, your notices are running behind schedule this year. Thus, there will likely be a backlog of getting all cards out by the April 1 date, for those paying the last week or two in March. We ask your patience in this situation. If you pay before April 1, but do not receive your card by then, you may have to ring in to Club Room for a short period until we are caught up! Where necessary, the Lodge Secretary can verify current dues payment, for purpose of Meeting attendance. Except for April, you must NOT be on a given Month's CLMS Delinquent list (as of day 1 of the month) in order to participate in the Queen of Hearts Raffle, or Monthly, or Daily Drawings, for the entirety of that month (April exception is due to logistics of card issuance.). And, usually around June 1, we enforce the "No Club Room Privileges" for delinquent members. Reminders & particulars will appear in Newsletter, the month prior to enforcement.