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Lodge 572 Hoop Shoot Contestant Goes To Regionals

The following is a letter from Cindy Ciganovich, mother of Arie Ciganovich, who competed in the Regional Hoop Shoot competition. Photos appear below the letter.

Our family wanted to thank the Murphysboro Elks Lodge for sponsoring Arie in this year's Hoop Shoot Competition.  This was our first year to experience this wonderful event and I can't tell you how impressed we were with the whole process.  Arie advanced from the local level, to Anna for the district level, to Decatur for the state level, and finally finished third in Iowa City at the regional level.

I can't imagine the amount of time and money that is put into this well organized and appreciated event.  Arie received t-shirts at every level.  She competed in the regionals in her purple Murphysboro Elks Lodge 572 shirt.  She received a warm-up suit, which was also purple (Arie's favorite color).  She wears it everywhere.  We have only been home a week from Iowa City and I have already had to wash it because she wore it to soccer practice and someone spilled something on it.

I wanted to compliment all of the Elks members who represented Illinois (the Swisher brothers/families and the other members.)  They made all the kids feel special and welcome.  They seem to really enjoy the event and make it such an enjoyable experience for the kids and parents.

I've included a few photos of regionals.

Thanks again - Cindy Ciganovich